The Comic Book Alliance, in association with Sheridan Covers, is very proud to announce an extremely limited edition First Day Cover commemorating the Royal Mail’s launch of their comic book stamps on 20th March 2012. The stamps are celebrating 75 years of British Comics.

The First Day Cover features the Comic Book Alliance logo and stamp, plus all 10 of the Royal Mail’s 1st Class comic book stamps:

Desperate Dan and The Dandy
Dennis The Menace and The Beano
Dan Dare and Eagle
Beryl The Peril and Topper
Tiger and Roy Of The Rovers
The Four Marys and Bunty
Buster and Buster
The Steel Claw and Valiant
Twinkle and Twinkle
Judge Dredd and 2000AD.

Ms Sheridan, of Sheridan Covers, said, “I have produced similar First Day Covers for 11 years now… and I have had the pleasure to produce covers featuring organisations such as the William Morris Society, The Mary Rose Trust, The Historical Maritime Society and Friends of the Earth.”

Tim Pilcher, Chair of the Comic Book Alliance, agreed, “This is a really special day for British Comics, getting the recognition they deserve from the Royal Mail. The Comic Book Alliance are extremely pleased and excited to be involved in what is an important of part of both philately and comic book history. Sadly, only three of the publications featured are still being published (2000 ADThe Beano and The Dandy), but there are new titles on the newsstand to replace them including the recently launched The Phoenix and Strip Magazine, proving that the British comics industry is alive and thriving.”

Produced on best archival paper the first Day Covers come with an insert card and protective pocket and cost just £15 (plus postage and packaging) and part of the proceeds go towards supporting the CBA.

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